January 20, 2024

Submitted by Dan Blake

Local businessman Dan Blake has announced his candidacy for the LSR7 school board election on April 2nd. A crowded field, six candidates are slated to appear on the ballot, while only two will earn seats on the council. The race is nonpartisan with only one of the two incumbents seeking reelection.

“My motivation to run for school board starts with our young daughter,” stated Blake. “I want to ensure that she—and all our students—are receiving the best possible education. The job market is becoming increasingly competitive as technology continues to evolve. We need to equip students with skill sets that will empower them to live successful lives post-graduation.”

Blake is a mechanical engineer with over 20 years of experience in the commercial and manufacturing industry. He is well known for leading dynamic, fast-paced engineering and construction teams focused on creating value and maximizing capital budgets on builds such as food plants, data centers, and commercial buildings. As an account manager with Kansas City’s top engineering and construction firm, he effectively oversees business upwards of $100 million annually. Now, he hopes to bring his personal brand of efficiency to the school board.

“I’ve never run for public office before, so campaigning is all new to me. However, I believe that education is the great equalizer. We cannot determine a child’s various situational factors, but we can ensure that they are given a chance to thrive with proper instruction and opportunities. To that end, we must continue to prioritize STEM curriculum, trade school and academic rigor, as well as keep divisive politics out of our classrooms. I look forward to meeting voters and hearing their concerns firsthand. Communication is the key to any well-functioning organization—especially the school board.”

Campaign priorities for Blake include empowering families to have access to the specific educational needs for their children and continuing to recruit and retain quality teachers in the district. Likewise, he hopes to reduce burdensome bureaucratic red tape and increase transparency on the school board. Fiscal responsibility is another top issue for Blake.

“I want to ensure the school district is using our tax dollars as efficiently as we would be expected to use funds in the private sector; financial management is something I do daily in my career. Budgets must be balanced and waste must be cut. We should be prioritizing our valuable educators and vital resources to enhance student learning. I know that including the community in the important decisions our school board has to make will foster trust and accountability. Apathy and dishonesty from those within our organization undermine the goal of public education: to prepare our students for success in life. I will not allow either to work against our LSR7 families and will strive to defend our community values each and every day.”

To connect with Dan Blake’s campaign, please visit DanBlake4LSR7.com or follow him on Facebook at facebook.com/DanBlake4LSR7.