Date: April 24, 2024

Raymore, MO – After months of intense negotiations and community resistance, plans to construct a new landfill in Raymore, Missouri have been effectively cancelled. The decision comes as both proponents of the project and local residents have reached a mutual agreement to seek an alternative plan for the land.

The proposed landfill, which had been planned for development on the outskirts of the Creekmore community in Raymore, faced significant opposition from local residents and environmental groups. Concerns ranged from potential impacts on property values to environmental risks, including pollution of air and local waterways.

After the city of Raymore passed a resolution that allowed the land owners to be compensated, the final step of the deal was passage of House Bill 1751, which was taken up for a final vote in the Missouri House of Representatives today.  The bill passed by a 121 to 25 margin and will go to governor Michael L. Parson for final approval.  Parson is expected to sign the bill. 

“The voices of Lee’s Summit’s citizens have been heard,” said House majority leader Jonathan Patterson (R-Lee’s Summit) in a statement released after passage of the bill. “This bill not only addresses the concerns of today but also ensures that our community, especially school children that would have been directly affected by the landfill, will be protected in the future.”

The prospect of a landfill being placed so close to a residential community caused an immediate uproar when information about the proposal first became public. A bill to prevent the landfill was introduced in the Missouri general assembly in 2023, but did not make it to final passage, ultimately being blocked in the senate

The land owners and the city of were able to negotiate compromise, which included the city of Raymore purchasing a piece of the land for $3.2 million.  In exchange, the land owners will be prohibited from building a landfill on the rest of the property. 

“I’m glad that the two parties have reached a satisfactory compromise,” said Patterson.  “This is legislation that had been a priority for the city of Lee’s Summit and Lee’s Summit school district so I’m very happy to see that we were able to get this done.  The legislation is House Bill 1751, sponsored by Rep. Mike Haffner of Pleasant Hill. 

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