By Sgt Chris Depue

Lee’s Summit, MO — During the Downtown Days festival, the Lee’s Summit Police Department had a large contingent of officers present during all hours of the festival.  On Saturday, 6/8/2024 at approximately 10:00 p.m. officers were alerted to the sound of shots fired in the area of SW 3rd and Jefferson just outside of the festival boundary. 

Officers responded quickly to the area and did not locate any suspects or victims; all parties involved had quickly left the area.  In addition to this incident, officers did handle several small disturbance calls within the festival. 

Officers also observed several members of the juvenile crowd attempting to create artificial panic / incidents by running and acting as if an emergency was occurring.  During one of these incidents, an elderly woman was pushed to the ground by the running crowd; she was transported to an area hospital with minor injuries. 

Officers will remain at the festival through its conclusion on Sunday.

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