By Stephanie Edwards
Tribune Reporter

“Sometime back, the taxpayers voted in for streets, sewers, sidewalk repair. And we’re all under the impression that the old part of town would be taken care of,” Roy Mussett said when he spoke to the City Council during the March 2 regular session. Mussett mentioned Douglas Road, due to its high traffic area, and his own neighborhood of Hammil Heights, which he said was a part of both District One and District Three. “Unfortunately, it took us years to get you to do something, to spend millions to redo Orchard. And that’s as far as you’ve gone.”

Mussett told the council that he has heard questions from others about why Winterset Park just received new curbs, and why street work has been completed once again along Blackwell Road between Langsford Road and Colbern Road.

“But yet, we are the taxpayers paying for all of this and our curbs are the ones that need repaired,” Mussett said. “We as the taxpayers paid for this so we want to know when we are going to get our fair share out of the taxpayer dollars that we are giving up.”

He asked who they needed to talk to in order to get things done. “That was the reason why we voted it in,” Mussett said. He then asked about the upcoming Capital Improvement Renewal Tax that will appear on the ballot in April.

City manager Steve Arbo explained that every ten years, a half-cent sales tax for capital improvements comes before the public for renewal. He said that there is a list of projects up for consideration that comes before the Public Works Committee and the City Council. Arbo offered provide the list to Mr. Mussett.

Mussett said that he questioned about the storm sewer problems. “Go down Orchard everywhere where there is a storm drain, everywhere water is supposed to be going in. It can’t,” he said. He explained that water can’t go down the drains because of leaves and other debris build up. “I know that’s not the citizens that own that property, that’s not their responsibility.”

“I’m in District Three and can’t get anyone to respond,” he said.

Mussett questioned what had to be done to get the council to consider the needs of the older parts of town. “Do we need to go to some committee? Let me know what committee it is. I’ll show up for it,” he said.

Councilmember Dave Mosby responded to his concerns during council comments. “He brings up some interesting points,” he said. “Not about curbs or sidewalks; we have done a number of those over the years. But it maybe it is not a bad time to relook at our priorities, to incorporate older areas.”

Councilmember Chris Moreno said that he concurred with Councilmember Mosby’s comments. “I hear about these things in my district. They ask about Blackwell Road,” he said. “These are bedrock neighborhoods that built Lee’s Summit.” He further said he hoped the Capital Improvement Tax passed in April.