When you drive around Lee’s Summit on a daily basis it is easy to see the great community we have. Throughout our city we have restaurants of every type, abundant shopping, celebrated schools, excellent parks, a vibrant downtown and great access to Interstate highways. While we are blessed to enjoy all of the wonderful attributes of our hometown, we also have some challenges.

Right now, we have a compensation problem that is at a crisis point. Our city employees, public safety and core employees have dropped to a critical level compared to neighboring cities of similar size. We have lost our advantage in retaining and recruiting employees because comparator cities have found a way to pay employees a living wage. As a current city councilmember, I have voted to give employees a living wage at every opportunity. I will remain at the forefront to keep working to correct this problem if elected on April 3rd.

We have storm water flooding and erosion stabilization problems that I stand ready to work on. Currently I am Vice-Chairman of the Public Works Committee. We are in the process of evaluating where earmarked funds from the 2017 CIP tax will be spent to correct these problems. I have the knowledge and experience to see these proposals move from committee to city council and to help alleviate these problems.

Concerning other legislation, I was a driving force behind the Ethics Code that was just approved by the current city council. My leadership on the Charter Review Commission initiated the groundwork for the ethics code by passing Section 3.15, which required the adoption of an ethics code by the City Council. As a councilmember I was able to continue my work on this by offering amendments to the proposed ordinance that ultimately brought the council together with passage of the Ethics Code for future councils to work under.

It is my honor to currently represent District 4 on the City Council. Currently I serve as Vice-Chairman of the Public Works Committee, member of the Community and Economic Development Committee and the Rules Committee. I am also the City Council Liaison to the Public Safety Advisory Board. I am a team player and work hard for a diverse constituency. I am open minded on all issues and not swayed by special interest groups. My experience on the City Council and my service as a Lee’s Summit Planning Commissioner for 7 years have prepared me to hit the ground running as a District 4 Council Member. Additionally, I have built a strong rapport with my constituents that has allowed me to assist with their concerns and issues. Representing District 4 is a priority and privilege for which I am passionate.

Thank you for your consideration on April 3rd.