The principal at Lee’s Summit High School recently sent out the following letter to parents regarding additional security measures being taken by the school:

Greetings Tiger Parent,

Hopefully spring break was an enjoyable, relaxing time for your Tiger student. As your student arrives back on campus tomorrow, Monday, March 26, he/she will encounter some safety upgrades. While your son/daughter will learn about these upgrades during 1st hour, we also wanted to communicate the plan with you.

For the first time since Lee’s Summit High School opened at the current campus, in 1954, all external doors will be locked during each instructional period. This new reality has been made possible through some terrific partnering with Lee’s Summit R7 central office and facilities department.

Specifically, the system will work as follows. LSHS has seven instructional periods. Once a period begins, all external doors will be locked. Just prior to the instructional period ending, each external door that is necessary to allow appropriate student passing, between classes, will be unlocked. Once the passing period has ended, all doors will be relocked.

As you likely know, some of our students attend classes in two outbuildings, the D or E building. These building will be locked, and unlocked, in the same fashion. If a student is in class within one of these buildings, and needs to access the primary buildings, A, B, or C during instructional time, he/she will be able to ring a buzzer on the northeast corner of the B Building, present his/her school identification card, be confirmed by the monitoring secretary, and allowed entry to the building.

As a parent, please know that you, also, will experience significant change if you come to LSHS during instructional time. Should you need to access the Main Office, Attendance Office, Counseling Office, or Health Room, you also will need to ring a buzzer, present your driver’s license, and state your business. Once your business is confirmed, you also will be allowed entry to the necessary building. The same actions will occur with vendors, former students, and simply any sort of visitor to LSHS.

These changes were recommended, unanimously, by the LSHS Safety Team. Our team will continue to work, and partner with LSR7, towards the number one goal of keeping each LSHS Tiger, student or staff, safe and secure.