June 1, 2024

Summit Christian Academy (SCA) is pleased to announce that 2024 graduate Marina Parks has received a $30,000 scholarship to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy Scholars Program (CGAS) and a $350,000 scholarship to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy, upon appointment.

SCA 2024 graduate Marina Parks with Captain Steve Ohms of the United States Coast Guard

CGAS is a one-year program designed to prepare the necessary foundation for success as an Academy Cadet. The program sends students with high potential for one year of preparatory school to develop academically, physically, and militarily. It begins with a rigorous three-week orientation, after which scholars are sent to a school of the CGAS’ selection. Most participants who successfully complete the year at CGAS receive and are expected to accept a full appointment to the Academy as a member of the next entering class.

Upon acceptance to the Academy, Parks plans to major in Marine and Environmental Science.