1 What can you do to help every LSR7 child succeed? Be specific

The Board of Education is entrusted with developing a roadmap for the development and implementation of educational programs beneficial to all students in the LSR7 school district. The Board of Education is the platform that sets the priorities in which our district depends on to educate all our students as a generation of new leaders. It touches the business community, our senior citizens and many aspects of community life. Our youth rely on these educational leaders for guidance and direction.

2 Do you support the dual enrollment plan? Explain your position

Yes, of course I support dual enrollment as it gives students an idea of what full-time college coursework will be like. By trying out a few classes while still in high school, a high school student can get used to the academic environment before he or she leaves the comfort and support of home. Taking dual classes also cuts cost while still at home and cuts the time in achieving a college degree.

3 What is the role of a board member?

To be a liaison between students, teachers, businesses and community to the school district. To oversee district policies and to work with our BOE employee, the Superintendent.

4 What voice should stakeholders have in district policy making?

I feel we should utilize methods of collaboration between the LSR7 Board of Education and the community. There are some activities that engage the district to help with this type of strategy, such as the Business Roundtable, the Community Advisory Board and Team Lee’s Summit.

5 Do you or would you uphold district board norms?

I feel I do uphold “district norms” as it really is all about respect for all people. And that is how I was taught to live my life.

6 What would you or have you done to achieve the board’s three goals?

I feel the Board of Education’s contributions to our three Board priorities is the direct support and impact of the conditions within schools that enable district efforts to improve learning and achievement; ensuring equitable access and strengthen public trust.

7 What can we do as a newspaper, school district, and community to help prevent bullying and suicides among our grade school and high school students?

The Lee’s Summit community and all communities can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it and building a safe school environment. In our community we are lucky to have Lee’s Summit CARES and their many programs, one of them being a Bully Prevention Education program which is ongoing in classrooms, as well as hallways in our schools. In fact, Lee’s Summit CARES has many programs that our community youth and adults can benefit from. Newspapers can help promote these programs be publishing articles to help spread the word about Lee’s Summit CARES as well as other community efforts.