Citizens of Lee’s Summit,

Thank you for electing me as the mayor of the great City of Lee’s Summit. I am grateful, humbled, honored, inspired, and committed to you as your Mayor Elect. Rest assured, I will give you the best I have and am ready to serve.

I thank my opponents in the mayoral race, Ron Williams and Rob Binney, for the good men they are and commend them for the many years they have invested in public service. As a former city council member and Mayor Pro Tempore, Ron Williams is truly a treasure in our community. Rob Binney, present Councilmember and Mayor Pro Tempore, has also invested years serving our city and community, and I am grateful for his dedication and passion. My wife, Hillory, and I are most thankful for the professionalism and graciousness Ron and Rob modeled throughout the campaign season.

During my first 100 days and beyond, I will seek meetings with all constituencies and stakeholder groups in our community to listen, communicate, strategize, and collaborate to move our great city forward in the years to come. My campaign team and I visited thousands of citizens door-to-door, and our citizens made it clear they want change at city hall. I will continue to listen to all of you, those who elected me and also those who did not vote for me. I will be bringing the issues to you with multi-faceted communications including face to face, print, and social media to give you a voice, so that we may address your concerns and great ideas.

As Mayor Elect, I pledge to you that I will be a true public servant committed to leading our city with an unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity in everything we do in city government. I am committed to working together to make our great city and community a shining summit in our state, region, and nation.

Thank you and God Speed!

Bill Baird
Mayor Elect of the City of Lee’s Summit