The Mayor’s Column

Lake Lotawana Mayor
Scott Miles, Lake Lotawana Mayor

The next few months are lining up to be an extremely busy time for the City. This week, I will provide an overview of the major City activities for the next few months. For specific dates, times and logistical information, visit the City website or Facebook site.

In April we will be seating a new Alderwoman, Jan Rase. We are excited she is joining the team. We are saying goodbye to our dear friend David Tillema. We will close out the month with the first “Coffee with the Mayor” session. We did these last year for the Police service discussions, and from my point of view, they were extremely successful. We will be keeping the groups fairly small again ensuring good open discussions, where everyone has the opportunity to participate. Space is limited, but if necessary, we will schedule additional chats in May. And like last year, I will buy the coffee!

The first week of May kicks off with the Board of Aldermen work session. We have a few critical topics scheduled on that agenda….

The 2017 Official Audit Review
Our 2016 audit did not go as well as we would have liked. We made some adjustments to our internal processes, and believe we will have a better report this year. Our audit firm, Troutt Beemam will attend the meeting and present to the Board of Aldermen.

Draft Codification Review
This process has now gone on for a long time. We will finally be presenting the Board a draft of code modifications to bring our codes into the 21st Century.

Continued Revenue Discussions
The Board has been discussing City revenue for the last few meetings. We will continue those discussions at this meeting, and start laying out a plan for the future.

The Board will also discuss the request allowing free standing garages, around the Lake, to have a sewer connection. Because of our regulations, and sewer situation, this is complicated request that has to go through a thorough process to become a reality.

To close out the month of May, the entire Board team and City staff will be having a Strategic Planning session to discuss goals and objectives for the next 18 months. We have done these for the last few years. They are great sessions ensuring the Aldermen understand the priorities of their peers.
In June, if the weather finally warms up, we are planning an official celebration of the Lacy Family land donation. This will be an exciting event, and ribbon cutting!

And finally, a few of your City team members, and Board members will be attending the Elected Officials Training Conference put on by the Missouri Municipal League. These session provide our new team members an outstanding overview of City responsibilities, and a great refresher on changes and updates in Missouri State Laws.

If you are interested in attending the “Coffee with the Mayor” sessions, please call City Hall to reserve your seat. I look forward to sitting down with everyone again.

If you have a topic you would like me to address in a future article, please drop me an email.

Scott Miles, Mayor
City of Lake Lotawana