At the July 19, 2018, regularly scheduled meeting, the LS R-7 Board of Education announced three priorities for the 2018-2019 school year. The Board of Education selected priorities that reflect the upcoming work throughout our school district and community.

Board Priority 1:
Increase the achievement of every child through a focus on:
• innovative practices
• student well-being
• equity in program design and implementation

Board Priority 2:
Ensure equitable access to future-ready learning environments by further engaging stakeholders in the development of the district’s Comprehensive Facility Master Plan, aligning fiscal resources and adjusting school boundaries to meet the instructional programming and facility needs of all pre-K-12 students.

Board Priority 3:
Elevate communications by continuing to foster confidence in our school district through increased involvement opportunities, interconnected public relations and engagement.

“There is a lot of similarity in comparison to last year’s priorities with those adopted last evening. This level of continuity is important if we are going impact long-term improvement in our district. At the same time, we recognize the need to adjust the language for future planning. The instructional focus and the facilities planning focus for this year will be more readily noticed by all — a difference from last year’s focus on internal work and planning. This year’s priorities will necessitate changes in how we deliver instruction and assessment in schools and also usher in potential changes in our school boundaries and configurations; all of which will be supported by the communication focus assured in the Board’s third priority,” said Dr. Dennis L. Carpenter, Superintendent.

LS R-7 Board of Education President, Ms. Phyllis Balagna, said, “Last year the Board of Education and the administrative team collaborated to meet our priorities head on and we will continue that collaboration for our 2018-2019 priorities. The administrative team consists of great leaders and we trust the process in terms of the work we have to accomplish. What a privilege to help guide such a positive working relationship that translates into successful outcomes for our students and families. Our responsibility to engage our community is awe-inspiring and an opportunity we look forward to honoring.”

As LS R-7 embarks upon these priorities for the year, we look forward to doing so with our families and community. As opportunities for engagement, collaboration and conversation become available, we will continue to communicate those opportunities through district eNews updates, website pages and social media platforms.