By Rebekah Ritter
Intern Reporter for the Tribune

The Lee’s Summit City Council Rules Committee meeting on July 15th, began with a discussion about the public comments in meetings. Committee member Phyllis Edson inquired about increasing the allowed time for individual comments from three to four to five minutes. This inquiry was argued by member Diane Forte, who claimed, “most people get the gist of what they say in three minutes.” City Attorney Brian Head suggested the consideration of adding an excerpt on Mayor Baird’s implemented comment cards, saying that anyone who wishes to speak should fill out a comment card before the meeting begins. Forte added to that, suggesting that perhaps the time starts after the commenter’s name and address was given. Committee Chair Trish Carlyle also suggested giving representatives of groups more time to speak. Head agreed to redraft the agenda, and present it to the committee as an ordinance at the next meeting.

The next topic on the committee’s agenda was Order of Business-Language Modification (2018-2141 Sec. 2.60-21 Rule 2.1). There wasn’t much talk about exactly what changes were going to be made, but it was said that the charter does not dictate the order of business within the meetings. Forte was concerned with what the agenda may look like given any changes. The mayor would like some flexibility within the agenda, and the committee decided to move the roundtable session to near the beginning of the agenda. Apart from that change, the committee agreed that they needed more clarification regarding specific changes, and decided to change the agenda to comply with the charter, and to clarify any other changes with Mayor Baird. An agenda will be drafted and confirmed with the mayor. The next City Council Rules Committee Meeting will be held on August 7th at 6:00 p.m.