By Rebekah Ritter
Intern Reporter for the Tribune

On August 1, 2, 3 and 4th, Reed Performing Arts Company will be putting on a performance of “Junie B. Jones: The Musical” at Deerbrook Covenant Church. Reed Performing Arts Company (RPAC) is owned by Jeff and Whitney Reed. The Reeds are both educators by day, teaching a love of the arts to their students.

At the RPAC, children can learn the art of dance and theatre with instructors and studio directors from diverse backgrounds and experience. Students can learn tap, jazz, and ballet at the studio, and the company puts on many performances showcasing their skills. Their latest performance of “Junie B. Jones: The Musical” follows the beloved book character, Junie B. Jones as she goes through her first day of first grade, where she encounters a new teacher, Mr. Scary, and deals with her first friendship debacle.

Tickets for the musical are $5.00, and the performance is being held at the Deerbrook Covenant Church, located at 200 N.E. Tudor Rd. For more information on The Reed Performing Arts Company, visit their website at, or give them a call at (816)525-4455.