Over the last five years, our Board of Aldermen has proven to be trustworthy, good stewards of your tax dollars, and is ALWAYS looking out for the best interests of our community. The City has a grasp of all of City responsibilities, is following all state laws, and has not been subject to a lawsuit in years.

As a citizen, you may not always agree with the exact budget allocations, the City’s approach on legal representation, or even the need to upgrade the Police team’s technology, but we now have those discussions in an open, constructive manner like the “Coffee with the Mayor” sessions. The City staff, the Police, the City operations team, and the Board are committed to making the City of Lake Lotawana a remarkable place!

Our Board Members have over 80 years of combined residency in our community. They understand the culture, history, and intricacies that make our community special. Every Board member volunteers their time, and doesn’t receive any compensation for all they give to the community.

Why do I mention all of this?

On August 7, the Board is asking you to invest into our community. These investments will improve our Police department, right size the City footprint and improve City roads, City Hall, and other City infrastructure.

I’ve previously written about how the citizens of Lake Lotawana made donations to the “Campaign for Lotawana”. The City has matured significantly since that time and I feel confident in the City’s future and ability to deliver services.

1. The City now has a five year financial forecast. This forecast shows the need to increase future revenue streams.
2. We have completed engineering studies determining our highest priorities, biggest areas of need, and the costs required for each improvement.
3. Planning and thinking through long term decision impacts is now standard operating procedure.
4. This past year, the City received its first ever clean audit from our auditing firm! This was an important accomplishment.
5. The City is now pursuing past due business license fees from the Barber quarry with an active court case.

The City is now in a place where citizens can trust the operating model and track all financials.

On August 7, the Board is asking the community to invest in our community with a mill levy increase. Please vote on this critical ballot question.

If you have questions, please visit http://lotawanafuture.com for more information, email me at smiles@lakelotawana.org and I will do my best to quickly respond.

If you have a topic you would like covered in a future article, please drop me a note!

Scott Miles, Mayor
City of Lake Lotawana