This school year, we are engaging families, students, staff and community members around the development of a new Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) for Lee’s Summit R-7 schools.

During the fall, we will ask community members about their priorities around short and medium term solutions to meet current capacity needs in the district. We will also focus on our community’s long term vision for developing learning environments that encourage future-ready learning for all students.

Here are a few things you should know as we begin this process.

What is the purpose of the CFMP?

The Comprehensive Facilities Master Plan (CFMP) is our blueprint for ensuring all students can learn and grow in environments that promote collaboration, innovation and other essential “future ready” skills. The CFMP will guide district decision-making about current and potential future facilities and programs. It outlines the current status and future use of district buildings, and guides the allocation of capital improvement efforts according to capacity and programmatic needs and available funds.

What will happen during the CFMP engagement process?

This fall, we are hosting community conversations and conducting online surveys to learn about your priorities for short and medium term solutions to meet current capacity needs across the district. We will also discuss our community’s long-term vision for the future of our schools and how we can empower our students to grow into “future ready” learners.

How will the CFMP impact my school?

Decisions that impact specific schools will be made as a result of this engagement and planning process. The Board of Education and district administrators come to the process with no preconceived ideas or specific solutions for how we should solve current capacity and program needs or craft a vision for our long-term future. Join us at our meetings and complete our online surveys to help us decide what that future looks like.

How can I engage in the #R7FutureReady planning process?

There are several ways to get involved! Districtwide community meetings will run throughout the fall semester. If you cannot join us at our meetings, there are other opportunities to participate. Complete our online surveys and engage with us on social media using #R7FutureReady. You can send questions or feedback to and we also have a webpage dedicated to the CFMP process at

We look forward to creating the vision for our long-term future together. We hope you join us to be part of the conversation.

A link to each survey will be available on this site during the timeframes listed below.

  1. “Current Needs” Survey: August 27-September 14
  2. “Recommendations” Survey: October 5-19
  3. “Vision” Survey: November 1-30