Gravatt Waste Solutions employees Justin Hamilton and Craig Lingholm were working today, Aug. 16, in Blue Springs when they were at a stop at 204 E. First Street. As they were picking up recycling at the address, a woman came running down the street to flag the workers and asking for help.

Both workers ran to the house in the backyard where they witnessed a 70-year-old woman tipped over with a riding lawnmower on top of her. She had a severe wound to her leg.

The GWS workers removed the lawnmower from the woman and helped her keep calm until police and ambulances arrived. They were nervous to remove it but the woman was pleading to take it off. The driver had his belt off in case he needed to put pressure on it.

When the mower was removed, the woman stayed on ground with Justin keeping her calm until authorities started pulling up. We were later able to give information to the Blue Springs Police Department on the incident.

GWS owner Jarrod Gravatt has offered to covering the woman’s lawn care costs for a year.

“I’m very proud of my guys getting out and helping. They are heroes in my eyes,” owner Jarrod Gravatt said. “From the beginning I made a point to hire good people because they are in the neighborhoods and I think it’s important to have good people working on the trucks being so close to kids and families.”