Mallory Herrmann

Members of the public wishing to address the Lee’s Summit City Council during regular sessions will be asked to fill out a comment request card prior to the start of their meetings. The card will have space for the individual’s name, physical address, general topic, and whether the speaker is speaking on behalf of a group in attendance at the meeting.

During the public comments portion of the meeting, as stipulated in the agenda, the council will invite individuals who have submitted a card to the floor to speak. Individuals will be asked to again state their full name and address into the microphone for recording purposes (all council meetings are televised and streamed online) and for the benefit of the final meeting minutes. Individuals will be limited to three minutes to speak.

The council also adopted an ordinance to allow the mayor to make changes to the order of business in order to “enhance the transaction of business of the City Council and generally aligning the Order of Business with Charter of the City of Lee’s Summit, Missouri and current practice.”

The council’s rules committee had discussed the proposed modifications at multiple meetings and voted unanimously to recommend such changes to the full council.

Councilmember Rob Binney voted against both measures.

Pictured left to right, front row: Craig Faith (District 2), Trish Carlyle (District 2), Mayor Bill Baird, Diane Forte (District 1), and Phyllis Edson Ph.D. (District 3). From left to right back row: Fred DeMoro (District 4), Mayor Pro Tem Beto Lopez (District 3), Rob Binney (District 1), and Bob Johnson (District 4).