Mallory Herrmann

Tribune Photo/Joey Hedges

The Kansas City Police Department found themselves on a high-speed car chase through Lee’s Summit on Labor Day. Officers had followed suspect Charles Rice, who was wanted on several felony warrants, to the Welcome Inn in Belton.

Tribune Photo/Joey Hedges

When they exited their patrol vehicle, according to the police report, Rice put his own vehicle in reverse, hit the patrol car, and fled. The suspect’s vehicle was followed by police helicopter as he drove into Lee’s Summit at speeds estimated at approaching 100 miles per hour according to witnesses.

The September 3 event took police through residential streets near SW Ward Road and Third Street. A passenger jumped out of the car on Benjamin Drive and was quickly apprehended. The vehicle became disabled after driving through several fences and yards on Charleston and Gulfport Avenues and on Eight Terrace. Rice attempted to run on foot but was arrested on SW Eighth Terrace.

Narcotics were recovered from the vehicle.

Darlene Pollard’s residence at 705 SW Charleston Avenue was among those that were damaged.


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Date: 9/3/2018 Time: 1259              CRN: 18-068013
Division: SPD
Address of Event Start: 155th and N. Scott
Address of Event End: 1502 SW 8 ST (Lee’s Summit)
Nature: Possession/Eluding/Hit and Run
Victim(s): State of Missouri
Suspect(s): Rice, Charles
Narrative: Surveillance officers followed the suspect to the Welcome Inn, 155th and N. Scott (Belton). He was wanted on several felony warrants and a car check was conducted. As officers exited their patrol vehicle, the suspect put his vehicle in reverse, struck their vehicle, and fled the scene. Surveillance vehicles were able to keep the suspect vehicle in sight as R-690 moved into the area. The suspect drove into Lee’s Summit where his vehicle eventually became disabled after driving through several fences and yards. The suspect attempted to flee on foot but was quickly captured and arrested. Narcotics were recovered from the suspect vehicle. No pursuit was initiated and the officers’ patrol vehicle only sustained minor damage from the initial accident (Belton PD CRN 18-13804).