Mallory Herrmann

The Woodside Ridge housing development near NW Pryor and O’Brien Roads has received approval from the city council. Construction on the two-phase project including 206 single-family lots is slated to begin in late 2019. The homes will represent three styles of plan, ranging from smaller “villa” lots to standard “signature” and “lifestyle” series lots. The homes are expected to sell for between $300,000 and $700,000.

The city council heard presentations from the applicant and staff, who recommended approval of the project with some modifications. The modifications are deviations from the unified development ordinance and include removal of a requirement to provide a landscape buffer between the new development, which is zoned RP-3, and existing neighborhoods, which are zoned RP-1. The initial application called for a rezoning to RP-1 to be consistent with the surrounding homes, but it was amended after presentation to the planning commission.

The applicant said they held a neighborhood meeting, to which about 50 people attended. The chief concerns expressed there were traffic and street connections.

O’Brien will be improved to handle the added residents and increased traffic, but Councilmember Rob Binney wasn’t convinced it would be enough to offset the number of vehicles being added to Pryor Road, suggesting that improvements to one road wouldn’t be enough for adding so many lots adjacent to a major thoroughfare.

The planning commission recommended approval of the preliminary development plan with five votes for it and two against at their August 28 session.

The council voted to approve the plan at their September 6 session. Binney voted against and Councilmember Craig Faith recused himself, citing his employment by John Knox Village, who currently owns part of the property. All councilmembers were present.