On Tuesday, September 25th political candidates vying for your vote in November will be available to meet with and ask questions to, at an event located at Buffalo Lodge in Kingsville, MO. While this meeting has been organized by Lone Jack Neighbors for Responsible Agriculture and will focus around the candidates stances on topics relating to Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) and their effect on the environment and surrounding communities, questions relating to other topics are also encouraged. As many in and around Missouri have felt a disconnect between their political leaders and the problems everyday hardworking people face, this is an opportunity to bridge that gap.

US House of Representative candidate Renee Hoagenson (District 4) is coming to the gathering. She is running against incumbent Vicky Hartzler. District 32 candidate Janice Brill, District 33 candidate Pat Williams, and District 54 James (Jim) Williams will also be available to answer questions. If you don’t know which district you live in, you can visit www.house.mo.gov and check by using your address. District 4 covers a lot of ground including the counties of Cass, Johnson, Pettis, Howard, Cooper and Moniteau among others.

The meeting at Buffalo Lodge will begin at 6:30 p.m. Buffalo Lodge is located at 16 SW 1971 Rd. Kingsville, MO 64061.