If you know someone between the ages of 16 and 25 who has enthusiasm and passion for an innovative idea or project, or are such a person yourself, a new source of financial support is now available.

The Hunter Brooks Memorial Fund offers grants to young people who have demonstrated a passion and enthusiasm in developing new ideas, especially in fields such as music, the performing arts, computer technology or entrepreneurship?

These grants, up to $5,000 each, are not scholarships for academic studies, but rather direct financial support to assist innovative young people in bringing their ideas and projects to fruition. There is no cost or obligation to apply.

In its recent grant cycles the Fund has helped finance new Internet projects, recording studio updates, expansion of online businesses, and several music and performance projects. Grant applicants do not have to be enrolled in school, but simply have to explain through the grant application why funding is needed to move their project forward.

The Memorial Fund was created in honor of Hunter Brooks Watson, a young McLean, Virginia resident who died as a passenger in a car crash in the spring of 2016, just before he was to enter his junior year at Syracuse University. Hunter had already reached high levels of success in a variety of areas, including music, performing, starting a business, and as a computer technology major at Syracuse.

Further information, and the grant application itself, is available online at www.hunterwatson.org/grants. The application deadline for the current grant cycle is November 15, 2018.