This past weekend, BMX riders descended on Tulsa, OK to compete in the biggest BMX races of the year. First was the Race of Champions (ROC) and second was the Grand Nationals, dubbed “The Greatest Race on Earth” by USABMX, and each year it lives up to its name.

The ROC is a collection of the best riders in each age and skill level from every state, that must meet one of four eligibility requirements with the most basic of which is being ranked in the top 10 in their respective state series. Once qualified, riders are invited to compete at the Grands Pre-Race known as ROC, where they compete at the age and skill level that they were at their respective state final. One number plate is awarded to the winner of each age and class, giving each winner the chance to proudly display their ROC 1 number plate on their bike for an entire year.

Riders in our district that finished in the top 8 at ROC include the following:
Charlie Bailey, 8th, 8 Intermediate; Jason Bingham, 1st, 26-35 Novice; Asher Blum, 1st, 9 Novice; Ashley Blum, 5th, 26-35 Intermediate; Zach Doolin, 3rd, 11 Intermediate; Kaiden Goosman, 8th, 15-16 Mixed Open; Simon Horton, 7th, 11 Intermediate; Lola Jonjevic, 3rd, 10 Girls; Dylon Larson, 8th, 12 Novice; Jasmine Matthews, 2nd, 14 Novice; Chad McCann, 8th, 26-40 Novice; Braxton Miller, 7th, 9-10 Open; Braxton Miller, 8th, 9 Expert; Juan Narvaez, 8th, 31 & Over Mixed Open; Juan Narvaez, 4th, 26-35 Intermediate; Eli Staton, 1st, 7-8 Open; Eli Staton, 2nd, 8 Expert; Brayden Taylor, 2nd, 10 Novice; Noah, Williams, 2nd, 11 Novice.

The Grand Nationals is the “Gala” event for BMX in the United States, and some would argue the premiere event in the world each year. Grands 2018 did not disappoint, with a total of 730 Motos (individual first round races). Riders from all over the world including Australia, Bolivia, Columbia, and New Zealand, just to name a few, came to Tulsa to take their best shot at “winning Grands”. This is no easy task with some age and classes having upwards of 110 Riders. In all, 4134 total riders competed across 130 different classes. From 1-2 year old balance bike riders, to 51 & Over, all ages were covered.

Riders in our district that finished in the top 8 at the Grand Nationals include the following:
Jesi Bingham, 8th, 31-35 Women Cruiser; Jason Bingham, 6th, 26-35 Novice; Ashley Blum, 2nd, 36-40 Intermediate; Zach Doolin, 8th, 11 Intermediate; Cooper Jackson, 6th, 9-10 Mixed Open; Lola Jonjevic, 2nd, 10 Girls; Chase Manning, 5th, 14 Intermediate; Jace Matthews, 2nd, 13 Novice; Jasmine Matthews, 3rd, 14 Novice; Jayden Matthews, 3rd, 11 Intermediate; Chad McCann, 1st, 36-40 Novice; Jonas Moser, 4th, 9 Intermediate; Juan Narvaez, 3rd, 36-35 Intermediate; Eli Staton, 2nd, 7-8 Open; Eli Staton, 4th, 8 Expert.