Congratulations to Michelle Lisle, Hazel Grove Elementary kindergarten teacher, for winning the December Learning for Life Award. The award is presented to one employee each month and rotates between elementary certified, secondary certified and support staff. Winners are nominated by co-workers and selected by a team of employees.

In nomination forms, colleagues had this to say about Michelle:

“Michelle leads an after school homework club 3 days a week for some of our students who need additional support. She serves on multiple teams and committees helping with topics such as curriculum, to student behavior, to building leadership. Michelle quietly leads by example – modeling strong teaching, relationship building, collaboration with teammates and cross grade level, and remembering how to joke through all of the challenges that come with being an educator.”

“Michelle does not give up on kids. Michelle has continued to keep strong teaching practices in place by still offering children voice and choice in their classroom. She brainstorms ways to support struggling kiddos with academics and behaviors. Michelle thinks outside of the box to help provide extra support to students needing more time or more strategies for successful learning.”

“The fact that Michelle doesn’t give up on kids EVEN when our strategies don’t prove to be perfect – THAT is inspiring. I watch her daily come in and try again and again. The answer is not easy nor quick – Michelle understands that. And while that might slow others down or convince them to give up – it almost seems to fuel Michelle and she works even harder. I am lucky to be inspired by her and our kids are lucky to get to be loved and taught by her.”