Feb. 23, 2019

Mallory Herrmann

The Summit Orchards community improvement district (CID) has been established with a unanimous vote in favor from the city council.

The area includes 58 acres of vacant land located just west of Ward Road, north of Chipman Road, and is the site of the Summit Orchards mixed-use development. Townsend Capital is the developer for the project.

Steve Rich, representing Townsend Capital, said that they have received letters of intent from four companies for anchor stores, including a grocery store. Summit Square Residences, a 310-unit apartment complex, is already open.

The CID will last up to 30 years and could reimburse up to $9.03 million in funding for public improvement projects in the area, including sidewalks, traffic signals and road extensions. These reimbursement funds would be generated by a sales tax, which would require approval from property owners within the CID. The sales tax, which could be up to 1 percent, would only be imposed for sales within the district.

A board of directors is required to govern the CID. The initial members of the Summit Orchards board, each serving either 2- or 4-year terms, are Conrad Lamb, Pat McCambridge, Casey McCambridge, Eric Mann and Mark Dunning (as the city’s representative).

All councilmembers were present for the vote at the Feb. 19 meeting.