March 1, 2019

By Michael Stolzle
City of Raytown, MO

Raytown, MO-Mayor Michael McDonough delivered his fourth State of the City address at the Chamber of Commerce’s February Luncheon on February 28, 2019. He centered his remarks around the theme “State of the Community.”
“We are so much more than just a city called Raytown. We are a group of citizens, individuals, families, government, organizations and businesses that together make up this place we call Raytown,” Mayor McDonough stated. “Community is what makes a small-town work.”

Mayor McDonough’s remarks highlighted the prior year’s accomplishments of not only City Departments, but those of community partners such as Raytown Main Street Association, Raytown Fire Protection District, Raytown School District, Jackson County Public Water Supply District #2, Raytown Water Company, KCP&L, Rotary Club of Raytown District 6040, The Raytown Three Trails Kiwanis Club, Truman Heartland Community Foundation, Raytown Masonic Lodge #391, and the Raytown Chamber of Commerce.

Mayor McDonough thanked the Raytown Chamber of Commerce for their 90 years of service to the Raytown community and hosting the annual State of the City event. He also shared the Chamber’s 2019 year includes the debut of a new logo this year and the Chamber’s Building Foundation will be unveiling plans for the remodeling of the Chamber building and grounds. The plans include, but are not limited to, the addition of a court yard plaza area in front 2 of the building and the construction of amenities for bikers and walkers to enjoy along the newly constructed Rock Island Trail.

In his closing remarks, the Mayor reminded the luncheon attendees to work together to make our community grow, prosper and promote the positive aspects of the community we are all proud to call Raytown.