Mar. 16, 2019

First Cub Scouts Pack: Den Mother – Mona Jones, Den Chief – LeRoy Wheatley, Cubs – Evan Bridwell, Jimmy Jones, Richard Lee, Robbie Smith, Gary Brosam, Ken Wheatley, Jeff Jones, Dale Savage

As written by Jim & Mona Jones

Cub Scout Pack 366 was founded on April 30, 1959. Mona and Jim Jones, founders of the pack, and their boys moved to Lee’s Summit, Missouri in May of 1954. Their family quickly grew to four boys by 1956. Even though the four boys were too young to be in Scouting at that time, the neighborhood was looking forward to them being involved in the pack. They knew having four boys it would be a long term commitment and wanted it to be with their church affiliation. At that time the church they attended (RLDS) Community of Christ was located at 4th and Jefferson and the pastor was Jack Swall. Mona asked him about a Cub Scout pack and his response was that there had been one in the past, but they were welcome to start one again.

A meeting was held at the church for parents interested in having their boys in Scouting. The necessary leaders for the pack made commitments at that time and were: Institutional Representative – Charles Dodds, Committee Chairman – Jim Jones, Cubmaster – Vern Patterson, Den Mother – Mona Jones and Secretary and Treasurer – Jack Swall. The registration for the new pack was completed on April 30, 1959 and a month later on May 28, 1959 the first pack meeting was held in Oberg’s unfinished basement where five boys attended: Jimmy Jones, Gary Brosam, Ken Wheatley, George Oberg and Dennis McMillen. Joe Nelson, District Executive, presented the boys with their Bobcat badges.

The second den was started in June by Margaret Patterson and the pack steadily grew to eight dens. Den meetings were held in the den leaders’ homes, but the monthly pack meetings became too large for the church basement, so they needed to find a larger facility to meet. Arrangements were eventually made to meet in the gymnasium of Greenwood Elementary in Greenwood, MO. When the new Community of Christ Church was built at Independence Avenue and Tudor Road in March of 1980, it offered more than adequate space for Pack and Troop 366 to have all of their meetings at one location. 60 years later the Cub Scout Pack charter shows a membership of 17 adult leaders and 48 Cub Scouts and the Boy Scout Troop charter shows a membership of 35 adult leaders and 38 Boy Scouts, which shows that we are still going strong thanks to all of our great leaders as well as previous Cub Scouts, who are willing to come back and help out.