Mar. 23,2019

The City of Raytown and the Kansas City, Missouri Branch of the NAACP are proud to announce that they have updated a Memorandum of Understanding executed on December 6, 2005 for the purpose of continuing to build strong relationships between the City, the Raytown Police Department and minority members of the community.

Representatives of the City, the Raytown Police Department, the Kansas City, Missouri Branch NAACP, and the Department of Justice’s Community Relations Service met to review specific action steps and timelines for implementation identified in the 2005 MOU. The representatives noted the completion of certain tasks. The amended Memorandum of Understanding incorporates new specific action steps addressing current issues and sets timelines for implementation. The document addresses a wide variety of topics, from the hiring of new employees to the review of how complaints about local government are handled.

Mayor Michael McDonough and Rev. Dr. Williams are enthusiastic that all parties were able to work together on this effort. Mayor McDonough stated, “I am very pleased that we could come together to update this meaningful document, in our effort to keep current on important issues impacting our community, for the present and for our future.”