Judy Hedrick and Mike Allen were elected to the Lee’s Summit R-7 Board of Education on April 2. Based on unofficial election results, the two winners received the following number of votes: 4,214 for Dr. Hedrick and 4,131 for Mr. Allen.

Eight candidates were on the April 2nd ballot, also including Michael McMenus, receiving 908 votes, Paul Dornon, receiving 180 votes, Bill Birmingham, Jr., receiving 954 votes, Amy Turgon, receiving 751 votes, Donald Olson, receiving 314 votes and Kathy Campbell, receiving 1,265 votes.

The Board members will be sworn in during the April 11th Board of Education meeting. Incumbent Board members Bob White and Phyllis Balagna did not file for re-election and will be stepping down from the Board on April 11th.

For more information about the LSR7 Board of Education, visit lsr7.org/board-members/. Board of Education members are elected to three-year terms during at-large elections.

The LSR7 school district wishes to thank Mr. White and President Balagna for their years of service to our school community.

They look forward to Dr. Hedrick and Mr. Allen’s leadership, and are thankful for their volunteer commitment to the students and schools.