April 20, 2019

Congratulations to Hope MacKenzie, digital electronics and aerospace engineering teacher at Summit Technology Academy, for winning our Learning for Life Award. The award rotates between elementary certified, secondary certified and support staff. Winners are nominated by co-workers and selected by a team of employees.

In nomination forms, colleagues had this to say about Ms. MacKenzie:

“Ms. MacKenzie provides incredible experience on the STA staff and skillfulness as a former professional engineer. She is known as a leader on our staff as she spearheads ‘Young Women in STEM’ endeavors and provides insight on building instructional and leadership activities.”

“Ms. MacKenzie provides expertise as a former electrical engineer as well as arranging exciting internship experiences with her partners from local engineering firms for her students. She leaves ‘no stone unturned’ as she goes above and beyond to make sure her students are successful.”

“Ms. MacKenzie is kind, considerate, and caring to not only her students but to each and everyone of our staff members. She goes out of her way to lend a hand and support new and veteran staff members alike. She generously gives her time and sets an example of excellence through the culture that she builds in her classroom and in our school learning community.”

“Ms. MacKenzie strives to make a difference in each and every student who enters her classroom to empower them to be successful in college, career, and life. There is no person on our staff or student who is not touched by her care and kindness. Due her incredible dedication, alumni students return to her class to mentor and assist current students. Ms. MacKenzie tirelessly works to challenge the mind of each of her students while inspiring their hearts to the best they can be.”

“Hope has been a wonderful presence for me as I’m new to the district. She is my assigned mentor, but has went above and beyond being proactive in helping me acclimate to LSR7 and STA.”

“She is very understanding and patient when the students are working with challenging programs. She is very knowledgeable in her subject matter, but is able to present in an engaging and understandable way to her students.”

“Hope is a wonderful part of the STA staff – she works well with all other staff, is very knowledgeable in her content area and truly cares about the students. Students know that they can go to Hope and she will work through what is sometimes very difficult material with them. Hope is a teacher in the building that others look to because of her quiet confidence and leadership.”

“Hope is happy to meet with students both present and past and truly cares about their success in the program and in life. Hope maintains connections with former students and builds relationships so that students know she is a resource for them even beyond their time at STA. She cares about ALL students, working with those who are struggling, and celebrating successes with those who are flourishing.”

“Hope is easy to get along with and is a great teacher for pairing up new staff. She is supportive and will share information, caring enough to ensure that the new teachers and staff feel comfortable. I appreciate how down-to-earth Hope is in her interactions with both students and adults.”

“She is an enthusiastic teacher. She is constantly coming up with fun and practical learning experiences for her students and students within the LS family.”