May 18, 2019

The misuse, abuse, and over-prescription of opioids continue to bring about devastating consequences within our community. This crisis affects every neighborhood, age, and ethnicity. In a civil lawsuit filed by Jackson County, MO last year against the nation’s largest opioid drug companies, it was reported that Jackson County’s opioid death rate is higher than 75% of counties in Missouri. Furthermore, between 2013-2017 at least 308 Jackson County residents died as a result of opioid overdoes. Accidental drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. We have a problem.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office will begin taking proactive awareness and prevention measures to highlight this epidemic within our community. While the root cause of addictions may vary, the outcome remains the same and must change. For your convenience, the Sheriff’s Office has a permanent drop box located in our lobby. In addition, we monitor several drop box locations in the Lee’s Summit area to include: Lee’s Summit Medical Center, John Knox Village, and St. Luke’s East Hospital. Drop off unused or expired medications for proper disposal. Do not flush medications down the toilet as they may end up in our water supply.

“So many people in our community are struggling with opioid addictions,” said Sheriff Darryl Forte. “This crisis cannot be ignored. Too many people are dying on our watch as a result of this epidemic. The Sheriff’s Office cannot take on this crisis alone due its magnitude. We look forward to working with healthcare professionals and others to bring about change within our community.”