July 6, 2019

The Kansas City Metro Senior Softball League will hold its Annual All-Star Game and Picnic on Saturday, July 20 at Hartman Park at 700 SW Old Pryor Road in Lee Summit.

This will be the sixteenth annual celebration of the All-Star Games and feature over two hundred elite players from all conferences. Games will begin at 8 a.m. on all three fields at Hartmann Park.

Nine games are scheduled, from competitive and recreational conferences, including men’s, women’s and co-ed. All league players and their families are invited to attend and join the picnic which will follow the games.

The Kansas City Metro Senior Softball League has the largest membership of any senior softball association in the United States. The League features nineteen conferences, ninety-five teams and more than nine hundred and thirty-five players Player’s ages range from forty and older for women, and thirty-five and older for men. Most players are in their sixties with several players actively competing in their seventies and eighties. A number of teams travel to successfully compete in regional and national tournaments.