Public notice is hereby given that the regular meeting of the Board of Education of Reorganized School District No. 7 of Jackson County, Missouri will be held at the Stansberry Leadership Center, 301 NE Tudor Road, Lee’s Summit, Missouri on Thursday, August 15, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. to consider and act upon the matters on the following tentative agenda and such other matters as may be presented at the meeting and determined to be appropriate for discussion at that time. Notice of this meeting is also posted in BoardDocs where you may access the full board packet by clicking on the link provided:
Reorganized School District No. 7 of Jackson County
Stansberry Leadership Center
301 NE Tudor Road, Lee’s Summit, MO 64086

August 15, 2019 7:00 p.m.

  1. Meeting Opening
    1.01 Call to Order
    1.02 Pledge of Allegiance
    1.03 Welcome of Guests
    1.04 Adoption of Agenda
  2. Superintendent’s Report
  3. Presentations/Recognitions
    3.01 2019 Spring State Champions
  4. Comments from the Public
  5. Board Reports or Meetings Attended
  6. Items for Decision – Finance
    6.01 Finance Committee Report
    6.02 Approve Transfer of Funds
    6.03 Approve Treasurer’s Report and Payment of the Bills
  7. Items for Decision – Consent
    7.01 Approval of Minutes – July 25, 2019
    7.02 Ratify Contracts $5000 And Under
    7.03 Approve Tax Rate Hearing Date
    7.04 Approve the Final Tuition Rates for the 2019-20 School Year
    7.05 Adoption of Model Compliance Plan 2019-20
    7.06 Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) – Mutual Sheltering and Reunification Agreement for the
    Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center and Legacy Park Community Center
    7.07 Memorandum of Understanding with Lee’s Summit Parks and Recreation
    7.08 Approve the Board Priorities for 2019-20
    7.09 First and Final Reading of Board Policy FED
    7.10 Revision to Human Resources Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Goal
    7.11 Declaration of Surplus Property
  8. Item for Decision (Consent) – Ratify Contracts Over $5,000
    8.01 Olympic Lawn and Garden
  9. Item for Decision (Consent)-Approve New Contracts Over $5,000
    9.01 Approve New Contracts over $5,000
    9.02 Knowledge Matters Software Renewal
    9.03 MOREnet Internet Connectivity Renewal and Membership
    9.04 Mythics Inc. Renewal – Oracle
    9.05 PowerSchool Renewal
    9.06 Pre-ACT
  10. Items for Decision
    10.01 6th grade to Middle School Recommendation
    10.02 Woodland Elementary Sewer Improvements – J&N Utilities Contract Award
    10.03 Construction Manager At Risk
    10.04 Change of Position from Para Specialist to Licensed Practical Nurse at Lee’s Summit West High School for 2019-20
    10.05 Personnel Report
  11. Items of Information – Presentations
    11.01 Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation
  12. Items of Information – Written Reports
    12.01 Facilities and Maintenance Project Update
    12.02 Human Resources Annual Program Evaluation
  13. Motion to go into Closed Session
    13.01 Approve motion to go into closed session
  14. Adjournment

Linda Ismert
Executive Asst. to Board of Education
This meeting will be open to the public.