Aug. 24, 2019

Mason Elementary’s Mrs. Stacy Chancy learned she is LSR7’s first Learning for Life Award winner of the 2019-20 school year during a surprise video and assembly Tuesday afternoon.

The focus facilitator had no idea what was planned when Principal Beth Ratty asked teachers to show a video message celebrating Mrs. Chancy at the end of the school day. By the time Mrs. Chancy was called to a surprise assembly in the gym, students and staff had lined the halls to cheer and throw confetti before Acting Superintendent Dr. Emily Miller led an award presentation.

The Learning for Life Award is presented monthly to a staff member who is nominated by their co-workers and chosen by a team of employees.

Here’s what Mrs. Chancy’s co-workers had to say about her:

“Mrs. Chancy keeps the instructional wheel turning in our building. She supports students both in and out of the classroom. She works directly with students and teachers to develop plans for success for students. She supports teachers when they are struggling to reach particular students. She develops positive relationships with all our students and is an inspiration to us all.”

“Mason students are lucky to have someone who cares enough about them to hold them accountable and support them every step of the way. She is in classrooms, the lunchroom, on the playground, at the bus and is modeling expectations all the time. She teaches them to express their emotions in a positive way and the relationships she builds with kids is one of trust and follow through. If she says something will happen then it does. Our kids count on the dependability and structure that Mrs. Chancy provides.”

“Mrs. Chancy has such a positive impact on our building! She is firm when needed, but has the best attitude and outlook on life. She sees the best in her colleagues and the students and does all she can to support everyone.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Chancy!