Oct. 11, 2019

Recall that in August the Board of Education approved this board priority: 
Board Priority Two: Ensure equitable access to future ready learning environments by further engaging stakeholders in the continued implementation of the Comprehensive Facility Master Plan by identifying preK-12 facility projects in anticipation of an April 2020 “no tax increase” bond issue. 

We are currently in the information gathering stage of preparing for an anticipated Spring 2020 “no tax increase” bond issue. The district leadership team, school leadership teams, the Citizens’ Advisory Committee and the CFMP team have been working through many project ideas related to our anticipated Spring 2020 “no tax increase” bond issue. District leadership team members are visiting all of our schools to personally hear about needs and ideas not already captured in our CFMP research and planning. These visits are a great opportunity for us to hear from our teachers, staff, students and administrators. 

Not only are we conducting these personal visits, we are also engaging with Patron Insight to employ a community telephone survey, online surveys for parents, staff and community members, and key opinion leader interviews. 

This is your opportunity as a community member to provide feedback on some proposed ideas.

The community online survey link is below. This survey will close at midnight, the evening of October 18th. As it mentions in the introduction of the survey, the responses are limited to one per device.