Oct. 19, 2019

From right to left: Jeff Silver – Board President – One Good Meal, Dave Gale – LS Sunrise Rotary, Matt Sanning – Director Lee’s Summit Social Services & Rotary President (noon club), Joe Snook – LS Sunrise Rotary / Director LS Parks & Rec, Susie Newsam- Board President – Meals on Wheels, Monica Humbard – Director COLDWATER, David Fritz – LS Sunrise Rotary, Mayor Bill Baird, Lance Lafevre – President LS Sunrise Rotary, Bobby Olm-Shipman – CEO St. Luke’s East, Susie Krug- Head of Nursing St. Luke’s East, Taylor Warwick, John Arnold – Lee’s Summit broker at Better Homes & Garden Real Estate. Better Homes & Garden

Mayor Bill Baird issued a proclamation recognizing November as “Feed Lee’s Summit Month.” The Lee’s Summit Sunrise Rotary is sponsoring a “Feed Lee’s Summit” fundraiser on Nov. 14, which will benefit Coldwater, Lee’s Summit Social Services, Meals on Wheels and One Good Meal.

Mayor Bill Baird Proclaims November 2019 as Feed Lee’s Summit Month!


WHEREAS, hunger is a universal social problem increasing in cities across the country and throughout the world; and,
WHEREASchildren, senior citizens, veterans, the disabled, the unemployed, the poor and the homeless are all affected by hunger; and,
WHEREAS, finding solutions to end hunger is an on-going challenge and providing food for individuals and families is a top priority for local non-profit organizations in the City of Lee’s Summit; and,
WHEREASour community is comprised of compassionate philanthropic people who desire to help their neighbors and fellow citizens by supporting and contributing to local no-profit organizations; and,
WHEREASto help alleviate hunger in our community on November 14, 2019, the Lee’s Summit Sunrise Rotary is sponsoring the “Feed Lee’s Summit” fundraising event and will donate proceeds to Coldwater, Lee’s Summit Social Services, Meals on Wheels and One Good Meal benefiting over 4,700 residents.

NOW THEREFOREI, William A. Baird, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Mayor of the City of Lee’s Summit, Missouri, do hereby proclaims November 2019 as

FEED LEE’S SUMMIT MONTHto bring awareness of hunger in the Lee’s Summit community and to encourage our citizens and businesses help diminish hunger in our hometown.

–Bill Baird, October 15, 2019


For more information and to purchase tickets visit https://feedls.org/