December 7, 2019

A Letter from Melissa Jeter, Hillcrest Resident and Survivor

I am a survivor! My journey has been defined by many as a nightmare. A true story that seems unimaginable. Trauma rippled through my life.

Homelessness does not discriminate.

I was a strong career woman. Then, I was reunited with someone from my past who promised a dream life to only deliver a nightmare. The abuse started early – with fear and threats, followed by physical abuse. I spiraled down… his power and control touching every piece of my once happy life.

I lost my home. I lost everything. I no longer knew who I was nor did I have a voice.

Then an additional nightmare began… my sister was a homicide victim, my Dad took his life, and the man I trusted nearly took my life.

I was alone. I was humiliated. How did I go from a director at a law firm – to a victim to homeless? It can happen to anyone.

I moved from shelter to shelter and hospital to hospital. It was not easy but it was part of my fabric to build a new life and new home.

I am a survivor.

My children and I are now reunited. Hillcrest has given us a peaceful and safe home and taught me how to rebuild our lives through hard work, strict budgeting, and life skills. I thank all at Hillcrest who have held me as I cried, gave me safety, and prayed for me.

Hillcrest is a healing program. It encourages rebuilding and reinventing a life of safety and success.

I hope my story gives you courage and hope, and inspires you to support the important work of Hillcrest Transitional Housing.

Hillcrest solves homelessness for more than 650 adults and children a year.
Your dollars make an enormous impact here. Together, with your generosity, we can teach the deserving families who call us daily for help.
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