December 7, 2019

Mallory Herrmann

A housing development will be moving in at M-150 Highway and SW Pryor Road.

The city council this week voted to approve a rezoning application and preliminary development plan for the Osage project, to be located at the southwest corner of the intersection.

The three-phase development will include 32 single-family homes, 22 two-family “twin gallery” structures and 21 four-family attached townhomes.

The 32-acre property is currently zoned for agricultural use but will be rezoned to R-1 and RP-3 to support residential uses.

The units will vary in size between about 1,300 square feet for the smallest townhomes to 2,500 square feet for the largest single-family homes. Each unit will include a two-car garage and Summit Homes, the developer for the project, said they expect the home prices to be in between $300,000 to $400,000 for the detached homes, with the twin gallery and townhome products expected to sell for under $300,000. They do not anticipate the units being purchased and built by investors with the intent to rent.

The development will also feature a “central amenity site” with pool and splashpad, indoor clubhouse, pavilion and community green. These amenities will be governed by a homeowners’ association.

Some of the councilmembers raised concerns about the location of the project, which has long been a priority for commercial development for the city.

“This is a prime location where commercial development could – and will – eventually occur,” said Councilmember Rob Binney. “So while I appreciate this (presentation), I’m not in favor of this plan.”

Mayor Pro Tem Beto Lopez thanked the developer for their work with the city to make changes and do their homework to address concerns and present a project like the one before them.

“The market’s the market,” Lopez said. “We can’t dictate the market. You guys are taking the risk, and you’ve done what we’ve asked.”

Mayor Bill Baird agreed that he’d like to see commercial development in the area, but echoed Lopez’s comments.

“I can live with this,” Baird said. “Yes, I’d love to see some commercial on that corner, but like Mayor Pro Tem Lopez said, that’s not our jurisdiction as far as telling the developer and such what to do.”

The rezoning application and preliminary development plan were passed with six votes in favor. Councilmembers Binney and Diane Forte voted against; Councilmember Trish Carlyle was absent from the Dec. 3 meeting.