December 7, 2019

Mallory Herrmann

The public works committee of the city council met this week to review some updates to the city’s traffic and motor vehicles chapter of the code of ordinances.

The changes are administrative in nature, related to cleaning up existing parking and speed limit restrictions – and making a few grammatical corrections to those schedules.

Michael Park, city traffic engineer, explained that the changes would correct various formatting and redundancy errors and promote consistency and clarity.

The updates will not make any substantive changes to either the schedule of stopping, standing and parking restrictions or to the schedule of speed limits. But the changes will ensure consistency between posted restrictions or speed limits and the code of ordinances and will improve the ease of reference for both members of the public and law enforcement.

The committee voted unanimously to recommend approval of changes to both schedules.

All members of the committee (Councilmembers Craig Faith, Phyllis Edson, Rob Binney and Fred DeMoro) were present at the Dec. 2 meeting.