The Rotary Club of Lee’s Summit presents goody bags to Lee’s Summit firefighters. Pictured (left to right): Captain Hofstetter, Engineer Grove, Jeff Silver, Chief Snider, Matt Sanning, Jeanna Ruehter, Firefighter Lovewall, Asst. Chief Austerman and Asst. Chief Spencer.

December 21, 2019

On Thursday, December 5th, the Rotary Club of Lee’s Summit presented “goody bags” to every member of the Lee’s Summit Fire Department, from firefighters through the fire chief.

A team of Rotary members gathered earlier in the week to assemble the packets, made up of items such as Oreo Cookies, Gatorade, candy bars, popcorn and more. A total of 154 bags were assembled.

“We feel a special kinship with our city’s first responders,” said club president Matt Sanning. “These men and women are called upon to defend lives and property in our community – putting their lives in harm’s way on our behalf. This time of year, we just want to express our appreciation in a tangible way.”

“Knowing the level of community involvement and support represented by the Rotary Club of Lee’s Summit, it’s an honor that you took the time to recognize our fire department personnel during this Holiday season,” said Fire Chief Michael Snyder

The Rotary Club of Lee’s Summit was chartered in 1961. The club meets Thursdays at noon at Unity Village. Visitors are welcome.