Second sale of lower bowl Arrowhead Stadium seats now underway

Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. is pleased to announce that the County Legislature adopted an ordinance appropriating funds for the County’s playground accessibility project, an effort to make all Parks system playgrounds fully accessible. Proceeds from the Arrowhead Stadium seat sale are funding the project.

“Chiefs fans got a chance to own a unique piece of the team’s history, our parks are becoming more accessible to those with special needs and taxpayers are saving money — what is there not to like about this project?” said Jackson County Executive Frank White, Jr. “I would like to specifically thank the County Legislature for their support of this project. Without their backing and the hard work of our Parks + Rec team and county contractors, we would not be able to make this exciting announcement.”

The project involves improvements to the accessibility of playgrounds by adding new concrete sidewalks, including borders and ramps as needed. Following this work, all of Jackson County Parks + Rec’s 22 playground areas will be accessible to those with special needs.

Ordinance 5306 appropriated $152,082 from stadium seat sales toward the playground accessibility project. The project is expected to be complete by Spring.

“The money generated from the sale of the stadium seats is going toward upgrades to make our current playgrounds ADA compliant. What a great way to bring our community together so all can take advantage of our beautiful parks,” said Legislative Chairman Theresa Galvin, 6th District. “I would like to commend the County’s Parks + Rec Department for the hard work and determination that got us here today.”

“This just shows what can be accomplished for the taxpayers when everyone works together,” said Jackson County Legislator Tony Miller, 3rd District At-Large. “The Chiefs got the surplus seats off of their parking lot. The Administration, with the blessing of the Legislature, came up with a plan and carried it out. Chiefs fans got their seats. Children with special needs will have access to County playgrounds. Everyone wins.”

Fans can get their hands on lower bowl stadium seats that are being removed from Arrowhead as part of a renovation project. Customers can select a specific row and seat number for these orange seats, which can be purchased at Delivered straight to your door, a single seat is $397 and double seats are $509. Chiefs season ticket members will get a 10% discount. A portion of the proceeds from this sale will also support the Parks + Rec Department’s playground accessibility project.

Jackson County continues its partnership with Schneider Industries, in conjunction with S&S Seating, Inc., who was contracted last year to repurpose and sell upper deck seats removed from Arrowhead Stadium. A limited number of those seats are still available for purchase online at

Schneider Industries and S&S Seating, Inc. are industry leaders in the market, with a combined nearly 50 years of experience in stadium sale events and stadium seat extraction operations, respectively.