Press Release

By: Captain Dyon Harper Date: 02-10-2020

Suspicious Item Causes Evacuation, No Threat Found

Raytown, MO-On 02-10-2020, at about 3:17 p.m., Raytown Police received a call about a suspicious item that was left in the Quik Trip store, 8733 E. 63 Street, about an hour earlier. The circumstances surrounding the item and the person that left it caused the staff to call the police and initiate an evacuation of the store, in an abundance of caution.

When police arrived, they assisted in clearing the property of staff and customers. The Kansas City Missouri Police Bomb Squad was called to assist. The squad arrived, examined the item, and at about 5:10 p.m., determined that the item, a suitcase, and contents, were not dangerous. The store reopened for business after the item was deemed safe.

Report: 20-0461