February 29, 2020

Meet John and Donna Smith, a mother and son who, through two different experiences, are now working together with one goal – heart health.

On January 8, 40-year-old John Smith was brought to Lee’s Summit Medical Center (LSMC) by the Lee’s Summit Fire Department after developing sudden chest pain while working his grounds keeping job at Unity Village. John said he knew immediately that something was wrong after moving some golf carts and asked a co-worker to call 911.

Lee’s Summit Fire Department immediately recognized and activated a code STEMI prior to arriving at LSMC with John. Upon receiving the code, LSMC’s cardiovascular team made sure they were ready when the ambulance carrying John arrived. Cardiologist Dr. Hall was ready and waiting for John in the emergence department in which the team immediately departed to the cath lab.

While being cared for, John was found to have a 100 percent blockage of his right coronary artery. Within 21 minutes of his arrival to LSMC’s ER, the blockage in John’s artery was opened with balloon angioplasty. Eventually a drug eluting stent was place and John stayed at LSMC for one night before returning home.

Meanwhile, John’s mother, Donna, was recovering from open heart surgery two days prior at fellow HCA Midwest Health hospital, Research Medical Center. Both John and Donna are now spending time together three days a week working out with LSMC’s cardiac rehab team. And due to their family history of heart disease, Donna says she encouraged John’s brother to get a Coronary Calcium Test as LSMC, in which he happily reported zero blockage.

Reprinted with permission from Lee’s Summit Medical Center.