March 13, 2020

Information from Paradise Park today.

Clean, safe, fun has been our mission since day 1 of opening our doors.

Every hour, every day, every week for the past nearly 3 decades we have had procedures in place and trained staff to keep our facility clean and safe! It’s business as usual for us to be thinking about cleaning! Being in our business has always meant taking the responsibility of safety and cleanliness seriously so that our guests can relax and enjoy and have fun.

Our experience for 28 years in this business has taught us so much. We have been through many flu seasons and we will continue to apply our experience as we all navigate the health preparedness for preventing the spread of COVID-19. We are also monitoring closely what the Center for Disease Control and other organizations are recommending and incorporating those recommendations in our processes.

Paradise Park is committed to being a place for families to come and escape, celebrate and make memories together. We are open and we want to share with you the procedures we have in place for sanitizing and cleaning, as well as the extra things we are doing during this time. Each day we are monitoring the situation, and will continually evaluate that decision.


  • We daily use commercial, hospital-grade sanitizers on all high touch surfaces including counters, doors, buttons, games, golf clubs, and toys
  • Every staff member is trained on the proper techniques for cleaning and preparing the cleaning products
  • We maintain daily cleaning checklists to track what has been cleaned, by whom and when
  • Our Operations Managers are constantly checking in with our team to make sure cleaning is done
  • Our Discovery Play Center is a huge focus and we have processes in place to sanitize every individual item in Pretend Village, every block and toy in the facility. This is done personally by our Discovery Play staff and recorded in our cleaning log so that we know when and how frequently it has been done. Our staff cleans every inch of the climbing structures. Each room has a list of what needs to be cleaned and our staff is trained to follow those. We also have child-sized hand washing stations throughout the center and encourage children to wash their hands before and after activities.
  • Our Field Trip staff requires students to wash their hands before and after every activity. Our teaching staff is highly experienced at managing large groups of students and maintaining healthy, clean environments and coaching children to help in that process.


  • Every member of our team is cleaning more than what we usually do. It’s a constant activity for our floor staff. It is also a top priority for management. They are constantly evaluating and walking around to assess our facility and team.
  • We have switched from our environmentally responsible cloth that we wash daily to disposable paper towels with sanitizer and disposable disinfecting wipes.
  • We’ve added hand sanitizers at various places throughout the facility for the convenience of our guests.
  • We are making sure all soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers are constantly full and ready for our guests.
  • During Spring Break week will have plenty of staff for the additional cleaning as well as allow any staff who doesn’t feel well to take sick time off without impacting our ability to deliver safe clean fun.
  • We are requiring team members who are exhibiting symptoms to stay home.
  • We will use new cups for drink refills.


To help us help our guests and staff remain healthy, we ask our guests to:

  • Come healthy. Stay home if you exhibit any symptoms outlined by the CDC (sneezing, coughing)
  • When here,  follow the CDC guidelines for preventing spread of any germs: wash your hands frequently, avoid touching nose, eyes and mouth, and use hand sanitizer when soap not available, practice social distancing,

We will be monitoring the health status of our guests, and anyone showing the symptoms will respectfully be asked to return when they show no symptoms.


Please feel free to contact us with any questions related to your visit to Paradise Park.

Call us at 816-246-5224 or email us at Any of our managers or staff will be happy to speak with you.


Currently there are no reported cases in Jackson County, Missouri. We are following the recommendations of the Lee’s Summit Chamber of Commerce for decision making about remaining open to the public, and we will consult with all of our group clients about rescheduling and decision making on any group events:

STAGE 1: No Cases in County (We are currently operating at this stage)

Conditions where the virus appears to be continuing to spread nationally but no cases have been identified in Jackson County. We will remain open. All activities will continue as scheduled, unless communicated otherwise.

STAGE 2: Case(s) Identified in the County

Identified case(s) of Coronavirus in Jackson County. We will remain open and at this point, each Paradise Park event will be evaluated on a case by case basis to determine levels of risk and whether they should be postponed or canceled.

STAGE 3: Local Case(s) Identified

Identified case(s) of Coronavirus in Lee’s Summit or a neighboring city. We will likely close to the public. We would continue to respond to emails and phone messages.

STAGE 4: Internal Case(s) Identified

Identified case(s) of Coronavirus from an attendee at a Paradise Park event, within our staff, we would close to the public. We would continue to respond to emails and phone messages.