March 23, 2020 ~ 2:14 p.m.

Budget amendment would create $500,000 Fund to support small, local businesses struggling amid COVID-19 health crisis

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas today announced that he will introduce an amendment to the proposed Kansas City Fiscal Year 2020-2021 Budget to create a $500,000 Small Business Emergency Relief Fund to provide small-sum grants to small, local businesses who are struggling amid the COVID-19 health crisis. The City Council is expected to vote on the budget this Thursday.

“My heart breaks for all of our small, local businesses and their employees who are suffering during this public health crisis,” said Mayor Lucas. “I applaud the painful steps our small businesses have already taken to protect our community—now, it’s our turn to step up and protect them. This fund would help provide a lifeline to the businesses impacted the most. I look forward to discussing this further with the City Council and I’m optimistic we will approve this measure on Thursday.”