April 4, 2020

The final numbers are in and they are incredible: $44,400

If you haven’t heard, a couple of weeks ago Blake McKinney, pastor of First Baptist Church Lee’s Summit had an idea to give away part of the offerings for the week. After sharing his thoughts with different groups within the leadership of the church, the idea grew, and then grew some more. And soon it was decided that half of all undesignated offerings given in that one week would go right back into the community. Half of it would go to Lee’s Summit Social Services (a wonderful organization within the community) and half would go to the employees of downtown businesses who’s income has been impacted by restrictions due to the pandemic.

The church has given a few updates on totals, but they continued to grow with each day. Each time they grew, they were all amazed at the generosity shown by each and every person who gave.

By the end of that one week, people who live nowhere near Lee’s Summit were giving to help bless people they’ve never met.

Because of all involved, they are able to help so many people. More than $22,200 in HyVee gift cards will be given away in $100 increments over the coming days. On Wednesday this week, 120 gift cards were delivered to small business owners to then pass along to their employees who need it most.