April 4, 2020

In an unusual and historic ceremony on Wednesday, Apr. 1, Robert Kuehl was sworn in as the City of Raytown’s first appointed Chief of Police.

Unusual was the fact that ceremony had no live audience and the handful of participants were spread out across the stage, keeping their social distance.

City Administrator Damon Hodges remarked, “It’s kind of odd to be speaking to a room with no one, but we are in some odd times.”

For the protection of citizens and staff, this swearing in was not open to the public. Instead it was streamed online on the City’s website, www.raytown.mo.us, and posted online afterwards.

Newly sworn in Chief Kuehl spoke of his joy to join the team in Raytown. The team, he explained, consists of the law enforcement organization, city staff, city administration, Board of Aldermen, mayor and the citizens and businesses of Raytown.

Regarding his willingness to get to work, Kuehl joked that he had “thoroughly and completely enjoyed all eight hours of my official retirement.” Saying that he, “got a pretty good nap in,” so he’s ready to go to work.

Kuehl, a 34-year veteran officer with the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department, last served as Deputy Chief for the Department. The KCMO Police Department serves approximately 480,000 residents and a much larger daytime population with approximately 1,400 employees supported by an approximate $248 million operating budget. Kuehl oversaw all operations for the Professional Development and Research Bureau (including training) and previous assignments include Patrol Bureau Commander, as well as overseeing a variety of other elements within the Department. A graduate of the FBI Academy, Kuehl earned a Master of Arts Degree in Education with a concentration in Instructional Leadership from Graceland University, and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice from Monmouth University.