April 15, 2020

By Joe Loudon
Jackson County COMBAT Communications Administrator

The Jackson County Prosecutor and COMBAT Director released this joint statement following the release of the audit of the Jackson County COMBAT Fund by the Missouri State Auditor:

“We welcome today’s state audit report on COMBAT. The Prosecutor’s Office and the COMBAT Director have worked to improve the administration of COMBAT since it was transferred back to the Prosecutor in late 2018, including the implementation of the previously released BKD audit recommendations. We will also work diligently to implement the State Audit findings.

We encourage anyone who wishes to report an alleged mismanagement of funds or the improper use of COMBAT funds for further investigation. Your information can be reported anonymously at jacksoncountycombat.com/whistleblower or by calling 816-881-4337.

We are committed to improving the administration of COMBAT funds, to ensure a better quality of life for the citizens of Jackson County. The State Auditor’s report can be downloaded at jacksoncountycombat.com/stateaudit.”