May 11, 2020

Jackson County has released results from a COVID-19 survey asking residents how they feel about reopening our community’s workplaces, businesses and venues. The survey resulted in 9,500 responses between May 1 and May 8.

Highlights of the survey include:

  • 83% of respondents would wear a mask if required by an establishment.
  • “Parks and Outdoor Spaces” is the only venue/activity that most respondents said they currently felt safe going without any additional conditions being in place. 
  • A majority of all respondents felt safe doing every activity if one or more of the following conditions was in place:
    1. Strict social distancing protocols
    2. Mask requirements
    3. Layout changes
    4. Staggered usage
  • A majority of respondents need some condition modifications to feel safe before they take advantage of both personal services and retail businesses.
  • If a few changes are made to their workplace, over 91% of respondents would feel safe going back to work now.

The complete dashboard, with interactive features including a breakdown by municipality, county legislative districts and the top 100 words given in responses, is available at