May 23, 2020

I have lived in Lee’s Summit for over twenty years and have watched District 2 make many changes. Years ago, I walked to Lowenstein Park with my daughter and visited the horses grazing in the large field on Chipman Road next to the Park. Unfortunately, Lowenstein Park has now been decimated and replaced by a retention pond for a large shopping center.

I believe that growth must be carefully planned to retain the pleasant livable community that is Lee’s Summit. I do not want Lee’s Summit to become a big city like Kansas City with its high crime, corruption, high sales and property taxes, and traffic. District 2 is primarily a bedroom community including well planned facilities for seniors (John Knox Village) and a large shopping center. We need more parks to serve District 2 and not the destruction of existing parks.

In my professional life I earned a degree in mathematics and worked as a programmer, technical writer, and high school mathematics teacher. I served my country in the US Army.

I am confident that my experience and professional skills would be a benefit to the planning of the future of Lee’s Summit.