It is with heavy hearts that we must announce the closure of the Rotary Youth Camp for the remainder of our summer camping season. Our board members came to the very difficult decision that, to best protect our community and campers, we must remain closed to traditional camping events until Labor Day Weekend (2020). Guidelines are constantly evolving, and we will adjust our plans accordingly as new information is provided by the Jackson County Health Department and the American Camping Association in conjunction with the CDC. In the fall, we plan to open for weekend camping experiences- if we are able to do so safely.

Being unable to attend summer camp this year is a great loss for our campers, and we will work tirelessly to try and mitigate it. While our grounds are closed, we will be working with our user groups to provide virtual camping opportunities. It is our hope that, while things may be different this summer, we can still connect with our campers and provide camp-style experiences.

Please feel free to reach out and connect with us. Send us your pictures and stories about camp experiences this summer and in previous ones. Check our social media to find out what we are doing at camp during this time to make next summer even better! Summer camp will be very different this year, but our campers and their families have not been forgotten. We want to be a positive presence in our camp family’s life in order to make the most of this difficult time. The Rotary Youth Camp works to ensure that everyone can have access to life-changing camping experiences; this year- through virtual camp fires, memories from previous summers, and shared content- we hope to make those same life-changing connections, just in a new way. We are excited about joining all the user group staffs to meet and overcome the challenges we have been presented with this summer.